Yoga For Weight loss

Yoga focuses on our mind body and soul. The Different techniques in yoga, that affects our body and mind has made it possible to treat our many health problems including Obesity, which these days are a major concern to many since obesity leads to many other problems as well.

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To learn how yoga can teach us to lose weight, It is important to understand yoga and its relationship with the human body.

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Obesity is the root cause of so many diseases like Diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc and there are so many reasons for obesity, it could be the genes , but in most cases it is because of our eating habits , Lifestyle, workload , stress etc and with people’s tendency to be cautious of their expanding waistline , there has been a sudden rise in people doing all possible thing to keep themselves healthy and fit.

  • It has now become mandatory to treat obesity from the root. Sometimes weight gain is associated with inefficient functioning of our organs. By making yoga our way of living we can stay fit. Some of the basic breathing exercise and basic ansas can help in the healing of our internal body.
  • Yoga also involves twisting of the body, bends and poses that facilitate weight loss. Altogether with different movements and poses accompanied with breathing exercise cleanse, balance and rejuvenate our internal organs leading to improved physical strength, boosting stamina , increased flexibility and weight loss.
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