LED Practice (Group)

Led ( Group) practice

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In led practice , along Vinyasa there is progression by the way of breath to breath. Every pose is interconnected with breath , so this kind of practice gives special emphasis on the breathing part. In this type of practice students learn to assimilate the correct Vinyasa method . In led practice, the whole class follows the same sequence.

Though the Mysore style of yoga has its own advantage, It is advisable to attend the class with led practice at least once a week, as it encourages us to learn vinyasa sequence correctly, different series of Vinyasa are made up of a constant cord of vinyasas, It is a dynamic and physically demanding form of focused movement.

  • Attending led classes are beneficial for further self learning since we learn to focus and with the help of the leader understand our mistakes and rectify it.
  • The atmosphere in led practice is very influential and compelling with the whole group silently and peacefully following the same movement and performing the same poses.
  • There will be no verbal instruction, A teacher or one of the student will act as the leader and the whole group will have to follow them, if not well focused , there is a possibility of missing a move or even a pose. This kind of practice is suitable for intermediate level or experienced ones.